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BC - Fri, 5/15/09

On a sad note, Susan Willis, who played Helga Voynitzeva back in the early 1990s, has died. Helga was a HOOT! The character and the portrayal of her was VERY reminiscent of Cloris Leachman playing Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein. RIP, Ms. Willis.

I never noticed it before, but in the nighttime shot of the exterior of PVH there is a silhouette of a man peeping out from behind the left pillar. He's holding something rectangular like a magazine or a clipboard, and then he steps to the left and flamboyantly throws his arms out and JUMPS off of something (presumably a ledge). You can see it in the opening shot of Friday's show and on Youtube.

Once more, the doctor's give vague orders. Angie frantically says "More eppy, more eppy" as she, Jake and a nurse work over little Ian. And WTF was up with the nurse IMMEDIATELY saying "I'm sorry" in response to Kendall's frantic pleas to help Ian? Obviously there WAS something that could be done to at least f**king TRY to help him! Talk about soapy behavior! I'm surprised we didn't hear organ music.

There was a continuity error in the PVH scenes. When Ian's monitor first goes into alarm, the nurse quickly lowers the crib rails (only to tell them that she's sorry -- what did she do, unplug him?) A few moments later when Angie and Jake race into the room, they have to lower the crib rails again.

We were wondering what happened to Emma after Ryan set her down on his way out and went in to stop the confrontation. At this point (especially after being knocked out), Ryan KNOWS that someone pulled a gun on Adam in the living room. So why is Emma STILL there or brought there AGAIN? The place is a powderkeg and Ryan KNOWS it!

Ian's heart starts beating again. Angie half gasps/half wails: "Oh my God, he's ALIVE!" She's an ER doctor. I'm sure she's glad that he's alive, but you'd think her training would have helped her keep a calmer and more professional demeanor -- she should have jumped right in to do whatever it is that doctors do the MOMENT a patient's heart starts beating again. I guess I'll cut her some slack since she's already frazzled about Frankie's injuries.

Isn't ANYONE watching the kids? You'd think Adam would at least remind all the many people trying to kill him that the kids are right upstairs.

Does Stuart still drive a canary yellow station wagon?

If Adam KNOWS everyone in town is, quite literally, out gunning for him, why didn't he alert his Security staff and arrange to have a bodyguard with him? I know that wouldn't do any good since no one in town is capable of being even REMOTELY secure, but you'd think he'd make a TOKEN effort at least. Then again, he does seem to have a death wish at this point. He seems to be waffling on that point.

So Kendall went over to Adam's without so much as a gun? What did she think she was going to do to kill him once she got there, stomp on him with her stilettos? The same with Zach. You KNOW Zach has guns stashed somewhere (like the Casino), so why did he show up and pick up a gun from the floor, just like Kendall did?

David drills it into Junior Junior that EVERYTHING he does is for him -- EVERYTHING. Nice, if Adam is killed and David did it, then Junior Junior will spend the rest of his life feeling responsible for it.

The Chandler estate is located at 300 River Road, according to Jesse. I can never think of River Road or River Junction without thinking of the old Carol Burnett skits called As The Stomach Turns. If a character was sent to River Junction, that was the END of the character and very ominous organ music would play -- NO ONE ever returned from ... RIVER JUNCTION! And no one survived a drive on ... RIVER ROAD!

Someone mentioned on R.A.T.S.A. that they think it might have been Liza who shot Adam. I was confused about the pointy black heels on the bared legs we saw. I thought maybe we were meant to think it was Erica, but I think the legs were too big to be Susan Lucci's legs, and I idly wondered if they were using stunt legs, but Liza could definitely fit in both shoes and the scenario. Colby soundly rejected her over the phone, so Liza is probably pretty pissed off at Adam.

Looks like I was right with everyone taking a bead on Adam at the exact same moment. Everyone kept picking up everyone else's dropped guns, though, so each gun is going to have multiple prints on it, assuming they can even GET prints off of them. I don't know, though. It looked to ME like Adam might have had a heart attack or a stroke. Thunder cracked at that moment, so we don't know yet. I do hope at least ONE of them managed to shoot someone other than Adam.

Robin "Helga would have been PERFECT to have been seen wandering around the Chandler mansion on Friday's show" Coutellier

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