Thursday, May 28, 2009

BC - Tue, 5/26/09

Zach pleads guilty and the judge says fine, sentencing is on June 3 (my birthday) and he goes to prison in the meantime. Court is adjourned. WTF??? Did the prosecutor even SAY anything? Zach may not want to have counsel, but he has to GO ON THE RECORD saying so and the judge has to question him about that choice, FOR THE RECORD. He must be advised of his rights, in court, when pleading guilty. If he pleads guilty, there can be no appeal, for instance. Was he told that? No. For that matter, ZACH has to allocute (tell what happened) for the record. It's entirely possible that HIS version of events do not match up with the investigation. I don't think they even had a court reporter to MAKE a record! What a TOTAL FARCE! How stupid do they think we ARE?

OT: For you REAL court-watchers, there is a Casey Anthony hearing scheduled for Thursday, 5/28. WFTV in Orlando usually has video of all things Casey Anthony, either live or after the fact. Phil Spector is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday, 5/29, for the Second Degree Murder of Lana Clarkson. There may or may not be video coverage somewhere, but "Sprocket" will be in the courtroom and blogging about it at Trials & Tribulations. Sprocket attended most of both trials and blogged about it all. Phil Spector HATES Sprocket and routinely directs his Stare Of Death at her.

My sister mentioned that Kendall is wearing a relatively low-cut neckline for someone who has just had heart transplant surgery. Sure enough, she is; however, there IS a scar there, although it's ridiculously faint, all things considered. My stepfather has a heart surgery scar due to bypass surgery and it doesn't look NEARLY as faded (or thin) as hers, and his surgery was done almost 2 years ago.

Okay, so Jennifer Bassey's face doesn't move very much, but for someone who is nearly 67 years old, she looks FABULOUS!

Robin "to hell with growing old gracefully!" Coutellier

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