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BC - Wed, 5/20/09

I told you Tad would hurt if he laughed. I hope we aren't in for months and months of knock-knock jokes.

Here's another theory on what might have happened. Earlier in the evening Adam had told Stuart that Scott would inherit Chandler Enterprises when he died. Stuart didn't think that was a good idea because Scott just wasn't that type. Sooooo ... what if Stuart got dressed up in one of Adam's suits and combed his hair and then went to see Adam, who would want to know what the devil he was doing in a suit. It's just NOT Stuart's style, after all. Stuart would then have said that he wanted to show Adam that he was making a point -- Stuart is not a suit kind of guy and NEITHER IS SCOTT. Adam leaves the room for some reason, the lights go out, and Stuart is left standing in the dark. Then he gets shot

OR Stuart PLANNED to do the above (except for the last part), but Adam wasn't there, so he was standing there when the lights went out and he got shot. Adam sees what has happened (without others seeing him) and is devastated that Stuart was killed because of HIM. We hear the voices and Adam's own statement that he must die because of what he has done to all of them because that's what's going through ADAM'S mind upon seeing that Stuart has been killed. He didn't need to check for a pulse because their twin connection is so strong that he KNOWS the other half of him has died. Either that or he saw Zach take Stuart's pulse and Zach gave some indication that Stuart was dead. The trauma of what has transpired plus the taking of his altered medication, plus the underlying mental problem sends him into a blackout state.

Liza told Colby she was going to try to find Marian. So why did she then make a beeline for Tad's hospital room?

The baby Liza is "expecting" is probably Amanda's baby. She told Colby and Tad that she went to a sperm bank. That will probably fly for a while, but it's not a very plausible story considering her history. After all, COLBY was a sperm donor baby, but Adam bought the clinic and switched the specimens. People who knew Liza at the time would wonder why she would risk something like that again. Not that Adam would WANT her to have another of his babies. Colby doesn't know about the sperm-switch history or even that she was a product of artificial insemination. She'll probably find that out in the coming months, though.

Speaking of Liza and her history, where the hell did she get her law degree? This came up on R.A.T.S.A. and someone astutely pointed out that Liza has been on the run for all these years. She KIDNAPPED Colby. Adam agreed to drop the charges (for Colby's sake) if she left Colby alone, but Adam probably wouldn't have any say in the matter since the FBI was involved. It would be the FEDS that would decide whether or not to drop the charges. Liza would not have been able to pass the bar using her real name due to the outstanding charges. Does she even have a license to practice law in Pennsylvania? I'm pretty sure she was using aliases. She would have been easily found by Adam if she'd been going by her real name. A law school would probably insist on having her transcripts from PVU. So how is she able to now be a legitimate lawyer (assuming she really IS one) and move about Pine Valley freely using her own name?

Colby is very relieved that her father isn't dead, but considering that her beloved Uncle Stuart IS dead, she's not very upset.

That was pretty good grieving by Scott (right up until he joined the ranks of people who want to kill Adam now more than EVER. He dried up right quick at that point.

It's also possible that SCOTT killed Stuart, thinking it was Adam, because he really DOES want the company or to pay him back because he thinks Adam arranged to have the doctor killed. Then there's the matter of a BABY that might die because of the faulty valve. He COULD have a motive. In any case, he's devastated that Stuart was murdered instead of Adam. If Scott did, indeed, do it, then he's also feeling tremendous guilt.

Robin "no resuming previews after all, just promos" Coutellier

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