Thursday, May 28, 2009

BC - Wed, 5/27/09

When Adam sees that Liza is "pregnant", he asks who the poor bastard was that she duped THIS time. EXCUSE ME? Liza may have absconded with Colby when Colby was about 7, but ADAM is the one who bought a sperm bank for the sole purpose of switching his sperm with Jake's so that Liza was DUPED into having HIS baby. Pot, Kettle.

Adam also needles Liza about not coming back for her daughter until now. He conveniently leaves out his threats to have her thrown in prison for even CALLING Colby, let alone SEEING her.

Kendall ruminates that they should have STAYED to see if Ian would pull through or not. Uh, you should have stayed PERIOD! She also said that a parent would do ANYTHING to protect their child. In what way was she and/or Zach protecting Ian by going over to kill Adam Chandler? It's not like Adam was actively TRYING to kill their child, and if they thought Ian was dead, well, in what way were they protecting him THEN? What did they think Adam was going to do at THAT point, go to the hospital morgue and paint a little mustache on him?

Why don't Amanda or Jake ever call the police when David barges in uninvited and refuses to leave? The least they can do is make a RECORD of it. He can (and SHOULD) be charged with stalking.

Why is KRYSTAL at PVH to take Tad home? Jake's not in his hospital garb, so HE could do it. For that matter where are Joe and Ruth? Or Opal. David hates Tad's GUTS and Krystal is married to him. It's stupid and contrived.

Robin "I AM enjoying Tad's returning silliness" Coutellier

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