Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BC - Tue, 5/12/09

Erica tells the Bride of Chuckie (Nurse Gayle) that she's on to her and will be watching her VERY CLOSELY. Uh, why doesn't she just inform Adam or, if she has the power, FIRE her, right then and there? I can see where she might not be able to tell Adam right away, but there is CLEARLY a conflict of interest and Adam has every right to fire her and have her replaced with another nurse.

I just noticed that David Canary's right hand seems to be shaking somewhat at times. It's subtle, though, and for all I know he's been doing that for years.

Why would Barry have a meeting about damage control over the defective heart valve at a table at the yacht club if they want to make sure NO ONE gets wind of the fact that the knew the valve was defective even as it was being implanted into a baby? They couldn't meet at the Chandler house or a room at the YC or even during a walk on the beach? Nope, gotta do it in a place where competitors and reporters might overhear them.

Robin "eBabe is NOT happy to find out that she was a blue-light special" Coutellier

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