Saturday, May 23, 2009

BC - Fri, 2/22/09

Are we REALLY supposed to buy that a) Liza bothered to wait at the front (or back) gate, b) Liza didn't EASILY know how to bypass the front (or back) gate, and c) the Chandlers have any sort of gate whatsoever, other than the gatehouse? I mean REALLY -- if they have gates, they are about as effective as dandelion fluff in holding back the marauding villagers. Or even a lost toddler. Okay, she was lying, so I guess we AREN'T supposed to buy that.

I'm glad they didn't ignore the history of Liza and Jesse.

Jesse tells Ryan that Annie seems rational and lucid and, hell, she even saved Adam Chandler's LIFE! Jesse: "On second thought, maybe she IS still crazy."

MARIAN!!! She looks FABULOUS! Sad, of course, but FABULOUS, nonetheless.

Robin "I hope she stays around" Coutellier

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