Thursday, April 16, 2009

BC - Mon-Tue, 4/13-14/09

How did Erica clean her face in the tub without removing any of her makeup?

Why does Aidan just barge on into Annie's room without ever knocking? I know he has to sneak in sometimes, but sneaking usually involves being STEALTHY, not BARGING. Annie is surprised each time he does that. Hello? Crazy woman in the room -- she COULD be unpredictable, ya know, so startling her isn't exactly the best approach.

Why is David risking injury to his shoulder and practically cutting off his airway to use a stethoscope on Ian, who is sitting up, but DEEP in a crib or raised playpen (or whatever it is -- let's just call it a baby-pit) and nowhere near the slats? Geez, pick the little guy up and put him on the couch or something.

Ryan is a millionaire whose life is nothing but chaos in the town where nearly everyone has been (or should be) on trial for murder, kidnap or some other kind of mayhem, and his crazy, homicidal ex-wife keeps escaping the loony bin, but he keeps a key to the penthouse under a potted plant in the hallway? Yeah, RIGHT!

Looks like Emma lost a front baby tooth -- I thought she was lisping more than usual.

Robin "toofless in Pine Valley" Coutellier

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