Monday, April 20, 2009

BC - Fri, 4/17/09

Are Jake's vest and striped shirt a new fashion? The only reason I ask is that is suddenly occurred to me that he kind of looks like a gondolier or possibly an organ grinder. All he needs is a droopy mustache.

Amanda really needs to learn to look through the peephole before opening the door (it DOES have one). Lots of doors in PV have peepholes, but 99 out of 100 times no one uses them.

Why is David saying Amanda has no money? Didn't he pay her $5 million (i.e, all the money she had lost) to get JAR drunk and provide proof? Even if it wasn't $5 million, it was still a considerable amount that was supposed to make her well-off again. I did NOT think she was crashing at the Martin's due to lack of money, but for protection against David (and her yacht was stolen). She may not be as rich as David, but she's not penniless.

Jesse tells Angie that they should invite Randi to dinner and tell Natalia, too, to give her a little break from the academy. Did Natalia move out? When did that happen?

Amanda was NOT in immediate danger from David. All he was doing was being an asshole and taunting her about how he's going to get her baby. So why did Jake pull a GUN? There are CHILDREN in the house! What if DAVID had had a gun, too? Would there have been a shootout! Tad made a point (afterward) of saying that the gun was locked back up in the shed. Did he say that to make a point of them being good about keeping the gun away from the children, or is it a foreshadowing of one of the kids managing to get to it, anyway?

Why is Tad so often wearing a suit? Tad is much more likable when he is dressed more casually. A suit makes him look and sound like an old fuddy-duddy and there's no REASON for him to be wearing one so often.

Zach and the "mystery woman" start to have sex on a gaming table in the casino. I DO hope that room was reserved just for her. "No names, just sex", huh? Too late! Closed-captioning told her me name the first time she opened her mouth.

Robin "they need to spoiler-proof their CC" Coutellier

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