Thursday, April 23, 2009

BC - Wed, 4/22/09

Ryan's holding a gun on Aidan and Annie and is about to shoot them when his cellphone goes off -- and he looks down to F**KING ANSWER IT! Oh PUH-LEEZE! I'd say he has the attention span of a flea, but even fleas pay attention long enough to suck their fill!

Ian is brought home from the hospital and both parents head out the door IMMEDIATELY. I was a taken aback when Zach left, but I was downright PISSED OFF when Kendall did. Then again, the best thing for a traumatized baby is routine and familiar surroundings (and staying overnight in the hospital must be traumatic for a baby, especially after having had surgery a few days before that). So having Mommy and Daddy leave him in the care of the nanny pretty much IS routine for Ian. But considering all he's been through and the fact that mere MINUTES before that they were worrying about getting VERY BAD NEWS about him at the hospital (the news was that they could take him home), you'd think they'd want to stick around for at least a few minutes before abandoning him again.

Adam to David, who just walked into the Chandler living room: "You keep showing up uninvited, I'm going to have to rent a mongoose to take you out." BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Mongooses catch and eat all kinds of vermin. According to Wikipedia: Mongooses mostly feed on insects, crabs, earthworms, lizards, snakes, chickens, and rodents. However, they also eat eggs and carrion. Some species, such as the Indian Mongoose, are popularly used to fight and kill venomous snakes, even King Cobras. There is just SO much that could be read into that line

I also LOVED Reese telling Kendall what a hypocrite she was and ordering her out under no uncertain terms!

Aidan says Annie is supposed to be traveling under the name of Esther Waxworth. Really? Esther Waxworth? That's not exactly a common name suitable for being incognito. I can see how the name Esther might not merit a second glance, but Waxworth, with two Ws and an X in it calls attention. Not that I believed Aidan ANYWAY, it's just not a very good "generic" alias.

Jesse arrested Aidan. What did he charge him with? If he charged him with helping Annie to escape, then how can he drop the charges if/when Annie is captured if it's no longer up to the PVPD? Not that any jail can hold Super-Aidan for long.

I'm thinking more and more that Aidan is going for the $10M. He wanted to go with Annie because she'll go to where it's hidden. Now he'll have to track her down to find the money. There really IS no other explanation for his utterly unfathomable "love" for her. It just does NOT compute. Of course, his love affairs rarely DO compute.

WTH? Kendall has a propensity to use sex to deal with stress in her life, but that scene with her BEGGING Ryan for it because Zach won't tell her who he had sex with was just PATHETIC! Are they going to give her a sex addition storyline, or is she just, quite literally, a mindless f**k?

Touching on the Julie Chandler (Lauren Holly) and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) resemblance, here's a comparison of the two. Maybe it's just the combo of the red hair and style that keeps bringing the comparison to mind:

Robin "wayback machine" Coutellier

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