Thursday, April 2, 2009

BC - Wed, 4/1/09

The first two comments are actually from Tuesday, 3/31, but I didn't feel that they merited their own Boogie Chillen.

Is it my imagination, or does Tori always wear the same clothes?

Why doesn't Annie ever seem to have any therapy with actual .. I don't know ... THERAPISTS? What kind of psychiatric training does Aidan have that HE'S the one who keeps having counseling sessions with Annie.

So now Amanda and Jake are discussing the plans for her baby, THE BIG SUPER SECRET, with a lawyer in a fucking BAR. The stupidity of these two dolts simply defies description.

If Jesse and Angie thought David suspected something after seeing the puppet drawing on Angie's hand, why didn't they CALL Natalia and warn her that David might show up? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ryan says he never put up ANY resistance about his son being raised in a different household. Excuse me? I believe he DID threaten to take Spike away from Kendall at one point (before he was even born, I think).

Robin "I don't know how much more of Ryan I can take" Coutellier

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