Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BC - Tue, 4/7/09

Spike starts screaming in his room and Ryan barely reacts to it as he explains to a perfectly calm Emma (who is wondering if Ian is going to turn into an angel) that Spike misses his little brother. Spike screams again. Ryan deigns to stand up and look toward the bedroom, but is still apparently unconcerned. What an ASSHOLE!

Wait a second. Did I miss yet ANOTHER big decision? How did the charges against the Chandler's get dropped? I gather Tad persuaded someone to do it overnight. I swear I'm getting whiplash from these CONSTANT jumps in the storyline!

I thought Amanda was only about 5 months along. Why is Jake saying she'll have her baby in a couple of months? She probably WILL, but he's getting a little ahead of the plot.

People keep talking about Myrtle watching out for little Ian. You'd think at least ERICA would call on MONA for a little watching out or give HER a little credit for her great-grandson pulling through. Or even Myrtle and Mona working as a team.

When Kendall told Ryan that he is pretty far from a jerk, I had had to wonder if everyone on set, actors included, were about BURSTING to announce that Ryan is SUCH A JERK that that he could be sold over-the-counter at a 7-11! I'm guessing that as soon as the director yelled "CUT" the entire cast and crew that were around for that scene, children included, yelled exactly that at the top of their lungs! At the very least, CM and AM probably collapsed in gales of belly-clenching laughter and derision at the absurd dialogue they were just forced to deliver about Ryan and his lack of jerkiness. You could kind of tell from their expressions that CM and AM do, indeed, think Ryan is, at a MINIUMUM, a "jerk". At least I'd like to THINK that.

If Kendall is exhausted and is going home to catch just a few hours of sleep, why is she picking up Spike from Ryan? Why can't Ryan keep his OWN CHILD overnight?

Robin "because Ryan is a JERK, that's why" Coutellier

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