Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BC - Mon, 11/2/09

Kendall grouses to Aidan about Annie and says: "I cannot believe she gets away with the things she gets away with!" This from woman who has escaped custody on multiple occasions, is currently a fugitive who has, on more than one occasion, tried to kill people. Pot, Kettle!

How did Bailey's old boyfriend know where she was? She HAD to have texted him the address.

Oh look, a gun. What a surprise. We need to start keeping a count of how often a gun is shown in Pine Valley since Chuck Pratt took over as headwriter. It seems like their go-to solution for everything now.

If I were Adam, I'd be sorely tempted to shoot Zach just to make him shut the f**k up.

Aidan and Kendall talk about Annie and he says that he was vulnerable after Greenlee left him for Wyan and Annie took advantage of him and made him fall for her. Uh-huh. Kendall says that Annie made Ryan fall for her, as well. Excuse me? Annie pushed Ryan AWAY, convinced he was only interested in her because of Emma. He was bombastic and finally won ANNIE over, not the other way around.

Stuart's headstone reads:
Stuart Chandler
May 24, 1945
May 15, 2009
True Friend To All

So Adam is, ostensibly, 64 years old. For the record, according to IMDB, David Canary is 71 years old.

Why did Jake and Amanda go to the ConFusion Halloween party? I mean, David was going to be there, along with a lot of other people, and it would be loud and they'd have to dress in uncomfortable costumes. All things considered, you'd think they would have wanted to spend some time alone together, even if they couldn't have sex. Why spend their "date" in the same place as DAVID, of all people?

Speaking of uncomfortable costumes, did you notice that nearly ALL the women were wearing large, CLUNKY false eyelashes? All I could think of every time I looked at those lashes was how difficult it was going to be to REMOVE them.

Robin "how did they even keep their eyelids open?" Coutellier

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