Sunday, November 1, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/30/09

I hope Amanda plans on waiting until AFTER her next period to get inseminated. Well, actually, I DON'T, but that would make sense for the situation. I still think Trevor is really Jake's bio-baby in the first place, so the next baby might as well be Jake's, too.

Have you noticed that Adam rarely wears a suit anymore?

Ah, now we have an answer as to the painting of brothers on Adam's wall. It WAS painted by Stuart.

O-M-G -- that is one TIGHT unitard Petey is wearing! Petey apparently dresses to the ... um ... center.

Hm. I never realized how much Adam really DOES look like Frankenstein.

Let's see, Bailey called Corrina to babysit Stuart. Okay. So who is babysitting Emma, or Spike and Ian, for that matter? I'm guessing Kathy and Jenny are home with Opal.

Here's a hint for the men out there. If a woman confides to you that she's feeling emotionally empty, LAUGHING is NOT the best response.

Robin "I hope the Fusion elevators have cameras" Coutellier

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