Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BC - Tue, 11/03/09

There's a new text message from Z on Kendall's phone. WTF? They can't even be covert enough to use alias INITIALS? These two are so beyond stupid it's mind-boggling! I expect that kind of stupidity from Kendall, but not from Zach.

I thought it was hilarious that Kendall was bemoaning how she needed to clean up her face because it's been so long since she's had a wash. As previously mentioned, her makeup is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. She comes back in a little while later, having cleaned up in the basement (I think) and commenting on how much better she feels, etc. She doesn't look one iota different than when she walked out, although I suppose her pits might smell better.

While Kendall was washing the non-existent layers of grime off of herself, Aidan was impersonating Kendall by sending a message to Zach hinting that Kendall and Aidan were getting cozy together. What is he up to? I suppose we're supposed to buy that he wants Kendall for himself now because he's been all alone and he's still reeling from Greenlee's death? Or maybe he wants to get back at Zach for something (people hate and forgive each other and change alliances so often that I don't even KNOW where the two of them stand with each other right now).

I don't get it. How would Adam coming forward now about the fact that HE shot Stuart cause the family to suffer? Yeah, it's not good publicity and he probably doesn't want his family to pity him because of it, but Adam doesn't run the company any more, anyway, and it's common knowledge that he was illegally drugged when his brother was shot. If he REALLY loved Annie, he wouldn't let HER keep taking the flack for killing Stuart, and he wouldn't keep making her feel like she has to keep up the lie that EMMA killed Stuart. Also, although, Kendall DID go there to shoot him that night, she DIDN'T. And now not only is Kendall strongly impacted by it, but so is her family, and (as far as Adam knows) Kendall was STABBED in prison. I've got no great love for the air-headed Kendall, but Adam needs to man up on this one now that he knows the truth. Keeping the truth quiet at this point makes NO sense, other than to save Adam some embarrassment, red tape and court-mandated therapy sessions (and possibly the wrath of Marian if and when she gets out of the loony bin).

Speaking of Marian, she was hauled off after trying to shoot Kendall, but she ended up shooting eBabe instead. Does eBabe still hurt even a little bit from being SHOT?

Robin "People recover so QUICKLY in Pine Valley!" Coutellier

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