Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC - Mon, 11/16/09

I'm a little confused. How can one parent grant or not grant custody to another? Isn't that for the COURT to decide? It doesn't MATTER that David has a contract saying that if Amanda conceives a child with him that he'll grant joint custody of both children to her. Only the COURT can do that, not HIM. He can say he won't pursue SOLE custody, I suppose, but that's not legally binding as far as her GETTING custody. Isn't this a form of human trafficking? The mind boggles!

When Kendall (holding a pillow in front of her) told Aidan that he might want to be careful because she had a little accident, how many of you wondered if her water had just broken?

Jake tells an entire crowd of people (including telling Ryan directly that Annie IS pregnant and was very surprised to hear it), that Annie did not have a miscarriage. There's those HIPAA violations, rearing their ugly heads again.

I wonder if we'll be seeing a flashback to Annie having sex with someone other than Adam (Scott, for instance)? I wouldn't put it past her to rufie him and have sex with him that he wouldn't remember or would chalk up to a wet dream. You KNOW it can't be as simple as Adam fathering her child.

Robin "surprise!" Coutellier

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