Sunday, November 15, 2009

BC - Tue-Thu, 11/10-12/09

What kind of idiot wears shiny high-heeled boots to do a burglary or whatever it is that Madison was doing breaking into Frankie and Randi's apt? Idiot.

Why would Angie take confidential hospital documents to a BAR to work on them? Same reason lawyers take crucial legal documents to a bar, I suppose. Idiots.

Wasn't Jake Chief of Staff at one point, or was he Chief of Surgery? He acts like he doesn't know what the job entails when Angie lets him know that she's overwhelmed.

Where was Jesse when Randi called him to say that Madison was in their apartment? I'm guessing he hadn't even gotten down to the sidewalk.

When Annie told Scott that the way to help her was to throw her down the stairs, I winced for a number of reasons, but mostly because I thought of Aisling (a RATSA regular) and her fall down the stairs. Why do people think falling down stairs is not that big a deal other than a few bumps and bruises? It can have LIFELONG repercussions (assuming you live through it at ALL)! Idiot.

One of the weird laws of physics in Pine Valley is that people fall off cliffs, drive off cliffs, jump from penthouse balconies, etc., with little to no damage, but if a pregnant woman falls down TWO steps (or just trips over a shoelace), she automatically loses the baby. Leslie Coulsen fell off the top of the Chandler building and then sneaked out of the hospital. Of course, if the storyline requires it, there MAY be damage, such as when Bianca fell/was pushed off a balcony by JAR and when JAR jumped off a 4th floor balcony.

I can't believe Jake is even giving LIP-service to the concept of doctor/patient confidentiality! He tells Ryan he can't TELL Adam Annie is/was not pregnant -- Adam just has to be in the vicinity to overhear it. Since when has doctor/patient confidentiality ever been a concern to medical "professionals" in Pine Valley (or to a Martin, for that matter)?

David's car runs out of gas. Amanda yells at him and he says they have to flag down a car. She can't remember the last time she saw a car come by there. Really? I didn't SEE any cars, either, but I HEARD a shitload of them zooming by -- unless they got caught up in some weird 21st century version of a buffalo stampede consisting of buffalos driving vehicles at speeds way faster than 25 mph while on their way to the next river to cross, there is no way they were on a deserted road at the time they pulled over.

Robin "someone needs to have a talk with the foley editor" Coutellier

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