Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC - Wed, 11/18/09

Today's HIPAA violations: too numerous to count. Not only does David NOT immediately close Greenlee's file on the computer in response to Ryan snooping, but when he finally DOES close it, it's only to show Ryan the names of all the OTHER women who have had problem pregnancies, which David actually explains, since all we see are women's names. Not that I would ever expect David to follow ANY rules, let alone HIPAA ones, or that I would expect Ryan to follow any rules.

Adam sure does like to toss toxic items into his fireplace, doesn't he?

Wow, that's a REALLY narrow balcony/terrace outside the penthouse. It's hard to believe Ryan and Annie (among others) had sex out there (especially in the SNOW).

Assuming that Greenlee is the mystery patient (and it's a pretty good assumption), her arms are AMAZINGLY toned for someone who's been bedbound for, what, about a YEAR?

And even MORE HIPAA violations -- Jake talks to the fertility doctor about Amanda's insemination (or lack thereof).

Upon discussing the way people in PV recuperate from stupendous falling incidents, but lose babies after falling only a couple of steps, Aisling (in RATSA) mentioned that they always land in a pretty pose, unlike people suffering from real life falls. It occurred to me that there MIGHT be a way to increase AMC's viewership. Every time one of the main or secondary characters is brought into the hospital, there should be an extra in the background with something absurd going on. For instance, there can be a man sitting in a chair, waiting his turn, with a leaky hose sticking out of his ear, or perhaps someone has a ferocious and tenacious ferret biting their nose, or their foot is stuck in cement or and hand is stuck up a chicken butt in a freak stuffing incident or something like that. It would ALWAYS be in the background, and never mentioned other than, perhaps moaning, screaming or frantic or futile gesturing that everyone else ignores in favor of the main character, unless it's another extra character trying to remedy the situation by trying to pull the chicken off, etc. Hilarity ensues! Then people would tune in just to see what the unacknowledged extra-medical-absurdity-of-the-day is.

Robin "honestly, do I have to think of EVERYTHING?" Coutellier

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