Friday, November 6, 2009

BC - Wed, 11/4/09

Kendall chides Aidan for bringing up Zach's infidelity. Excuse me? ZACH'S infidelity? I believe Kendall was f**king LIVING with Ryan at that point (assuming the point is Liza on the gaming table).

David rages about whether or not Jake and Amanda had sex since it could interfere with the insemination process. WTF? It's only been about a week or LESS since the LAST time J&A had sex; wouldn't THAT interfere with the process? Not only that, but an ovulation cycle has to be established FIRST so that the fertility doctor knows WHEN to do the insemination.

How many of you were thinking David was going to insist on doing a pelvic exam on Amanda (right there on the coffee table) to make SURE she wasn't lying about whether or not she and Jake had sex tonight? And speaking of that, did the contact specify what constitutes "sex"? What about oral sex or manual stimulation? What if they both just masterbated in front of each other? Does the contract forbid Amanda masterbating or, if it's allowed, does it specify what implements, if any, may be used or not used? Would specifications have to be given in inches or centimeters, and would they include wattage or if either battery or electrical power is specifically denied or allowed. If so, is there is a clause about sterilization of said implements or perhaps disposability requirements? If lubrication products are used, are there ingredients that would be allowed or prohibited? We're back to Clinton's question of what the definition of "is" is. Given all the details that would be need to be CLEARLY outlined in the contract, who would enforce it? Don't answer that -- you KNOW David would insist on being there with a ruler, microscope and test tubes for the entire process. Then the contract would have to specify whether or not he can use latex gloves (wouldn't want to introduce any kind of allergy in the developing baby, after all).

Liza tells Jake and Amanda that the two of them are out of their mind. I'm heartened to hear that the show acknowledges that there is only ONE mind between the two of them, because you'd be hard-pressed to get TWO people to agree to such an asinine plan.

Jesse asks Ryan why he can't trust him (Jesse) to push Adam the rest of the way. Jesse: "What, am I really THAT bad a cop, Ryan?" Me: "YES!"

Aidan tells Kendall that they have to make it look like they were not there at the church. That might be hard to do if they've been using one of the corners for a latrine. Also, Aidan was wounded. Wouldn't there be traces of his blood around?

Hm. Amanda managed to provide at least PART of the definition of what does or does not constitute "sex".

Annie tells Adam that if he confesses, she and Scott could be considered accessories to murder. Why would SCOTT be considered an accessory? He only found out a few days ago that Adam was the one who did it, whereas Annie WITNESSED it.

Robin "does Annie use spreadsheets to keep track of her lies & schemes?" Coutellier

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