Sunday, November 15, 2009

BC - Fri, 11/13/09

Amanda frets that she'll have no idea how her body will react to conceiving a baby artificially, because Trevor was conceived during drunken sex. David comments that it worked (which is his new plan all along, of course). Maybe Amanda should consider at least TRYING to wait another month and TRYING the artificial route before she lets David stick his dick into her again. After all, what kind of chance could an artificial insemination possibly have, what with injecting semen directly into the uterus, as opposed to drunken sex where SOME of the sperm probably gets in and the rest falls out as soon as she gets vertical (and some of it even sooner than that, hence the well-known term "the wet spot")).

In the normal course of events, a woman has about 3 days a month where she is exceptionally fertile, and she is still fertile on days before and after that, just not as IDEALLY fertile. Why are Amanda and David freaking out because they are missing an appointment for that ONE day? It can be done on another day in the same cycle. They are acting like there are only a few MINUTES available to get it done. For that matter, David could do an artificial insemination on her HIMSELF -- he did it for Greenlee. Not that Amanda wants him anywhere near her not-so-privates, but it COULD be done. Hell, JAKE could do it! If she's desperate, SHE can do it. It won't be as accurate if she does it, but it could be done. I'm pretty sure she knows where her vagina is. But noooooo. Once again, Amanda proves she is Too Stupid To Live. Whatever happened to our sweet, SMART little Amanda? It's like somewhere around puberty they took her brains and pumped them into her breasts.

Kendall sure is hard on laptops, what with throwing them around, slamming the lids shut and bonking people over the head with them.

Robin "Kendall would be a good candidate for a dozen or so of those Panasonic ToughBooks" Coutellier

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