Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC - Tue, 11/17/09

Only on a soap would a man think back to having sex the night before and only envision them getting back into the front seat, as opposed to, say, Amanda spreading her legs.

I DO wish Kendall would stop saying that Zach betrayed her. She had already LEFT him for Ryan when Zach had sex with Liza.

Why is Adam pretending to Scott that he has to go handle some stockholders to ease their skittish minds? Isn't SCOTT running Chandler Enterprises now (when he's not babysitting Annie, of course)? I know Adam needed an excuse to leave, I just think the writer(s) forgot that Scott is running the company.

Now Ryan is trying to get Jake to FORCE Annie to have an amniocentesis or some other risky procedure just because RYAN wants him to! It's not like it would ever be admissible in court, although it would certainly upset Adam. The point, though, is that they would be risking a baby's LIFE on what amounts to Ryan's whim!

Greenlee's patient record shows the following information:
10:45 am
Smythe, Greenlee
10 Atlantic Avenue, Pinevalley (one word) PA 19---
JaSkson, Montgomery 410 S 7th Str (father's name/address)
714-555-6421 (home phone)
741555-9116 (?) SSN: 144-70-4923
10 Industry Way
Jackson Montgomery (emergency contact)

Robin "we'll have to start referring to Jack as 'Jask'" Coutellier

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