Monday, January 31, 2011

BC - Tue, 1/25/10

Annie tells eBabe that she's often at the mansion because JAR sometimes likes to do business out of the house. eBabe should why do we almost never see any other Chandler employees at the house, only the Public Relations VP. Relations factor into it, all right. I liked it when eBabe asked Annie if she had taken her medications today

I have to say I am LOVING Annie freaking out! They even allowed her to wear smeary mascara when she tried to leave a message in JAR's cellphone voicemail, but every time she called it said the mailbox was full (Annie: "I ONLY LEFT 3 MESSAGES!!! WHO ELSE IS LEAVING HIM MESSAGES!!!!!!") And to think she used to be called Blandie.

Annie calls AJ and asks him to have his father call her. After warning JAR that Annie is coming unhinged and wants him BAD, eBabe tells JAR to keep an eye on their son (regarding Annie), no matter what. Hmmm, do I smell rabbit stew ?

Uh, that's a family party to say goodbye to Damon (and it's in questionable taste, considering he's basically running away with his tail between his legs) -- so why did Cara show up? Oh, to unload on Jake that she had cancer when she was a little girl. I understand she felt a need to explain her extreme reaction to the other little girl's situation, but why did she have to do it at a private family party? She couldn't wait? I noticed that, despite the fact that she had itty bitty tears on her face, her 3.5 pencils worth of eyeliner (plus the chunk of coal she added on top) did NOT streak down her face. I will never be able to take her seriously as long as she continues to wear that ridiculous amount of eyeliner. It wouldn't inspire my confidence in her as a doctor, either.

Robin "Angie probably wouldn't have hired her if she had been able to actually SEE her" Coutellier

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