Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BC - Tue, 1/4/11

Why won't Ryan just TELL Annie why he needs her to come over. Nope, he just tells her (in the form of an ORDER) that he needs her to come over because it's really important. He's such an asshole. Obviously he eventually told her, but he's still an asshole.

After having spilled the beans about her affair with JAR, Annie asks Ryan if he thinks it's fun for her to be hiding out in some random hotel while she waits for JAR. What random hotel? Don't they ALWAYS go to the Yacht Club where they are bound to run into virtually everyone they know, where Marissa used to WORK and where half the town lives at one point or another?

What is it about the Kane DNA that the women in that family have so much trouble remembering that they killed or almost killed someone? Mona killed Eddie Dorrance back in the 1970s and forgot about it until the trial. Or maybe it was someone else she killed. In any case, she forgot until the midst of the trial or possibly as Erica was being convicted. Bianca killed Michael Cambias, but forgot she did it. Erica has forgotten countless traumas in her life. She stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener, thinking he was Richard Fields. Now Kendall doesn't remember shooting David on the rooftop, although she does remember trying to kill him in the hospital afterward until she was thwarted by the hunky new doctor (and a respirator, if she had gotten that far). Does a year EVER go by without at least ONE of them either having amnesia or hallucinating, let alone being involved in a murder or attempted murder?

Robin "I'm pretty sure I never tried (or succeeded) to kill anyone and then forgot about it. Of course, if I had forgotten about it, I wouldn't remember, would I? I think I've used this sigline before, but don't remember ... or do I?" Coutellier

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