Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BC - Thu-Fri, 1/20-21/11

JAR told eBabe that he had the security "beefed up again" so that she and AJ would be safe. At what point did he debeef it, and WHY?

eBabe tells David that she's going to go file that paperwork with the court. What paperwork? That she's his lawyer now? That he's awake and can now be sent back to prison? That Liza no longer needs to be his advocate? That he's an asshole.

That's an interesting choice of sweater for Madison to wear, considering she's trying to hide her pregnancy. Let's see, I think I'll put on a top that's two sizes too small and designed to hug the belly.

Here's an idea. How about Ryan and Greenlee take their "a surprise a day" vows to the extreme and Ryan surprises Greenlee with a trip to the moon or space station or whatever. Evil Dr. David stows aboard to sabotage the flight and the sabotage and extra weight (because he doesn't get off the ship in time) causes the ship to go off course. IOW, they become LOST IN SPACE! Stay tuned to the episode where Greenlee, who notoriously can't cook, tries to make a carrot cake on a planet inhabited by walking and talking fruits and vegetables. Hilarity ensues! Dr. David continues to wreak havoc, and never learns his lesson as he is alternately aided and thwarted by a talking robot dog with whom he trades snide, yet witty insults. They can have their own spinoff (so to speak) wherein Ryan, Greenlee, Dr. David and the robot dog travel to new worlds and new civilizations, and their self-centered and self-entitled views leave carnage and heartbreak in their wake from one world to another as they continue to escape unscathed. Greenlee leaves tiny stiletto hoof--er--footprints on the soils of planets into infinity. Females of every race and planet inexplicably throw themselves at Ryan and demand that he remove his shirt. As long as none of this happens on All My Children, I'm all for it.

Robin "what would be Dr. David's favorite nickname for the robot dog?" Coutellier

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