Sunday, January 2, 2011

BC - Wed, 12/29/10

Oh PLEASE tell me that wobblycam/swingcam/jerkycam technique they used in the ER today is temporary!!! We've gone through this at various times in the past on AMC and it has NEVER been a good idea and it's never lasted. It's a particularly bad idea for ME because that kind of thing can trigger labrynthitis (aka vertigo). There are shows I've never watched for exactly that reason. Why would they do something that drives viewers away? It's supposed to make it look realistic, fast-paced and edgy I suppose, but here's what I think (aside from the physical effect it has on me): It makes it look amateurish. What, they can't afford to pay a competent cameraperson now? Why go high-tech high-def only to use low-tech camera gimmicks? The camera doesn't hold still for even a second. They should show Jake telling a nurse to get a meter and check the cameraperson's blood sugar, because he/she seems to have a case of the shakes. I thought it was ironic that while they were doing that Cara was blathering on about their past and her efforts to get rid of a headache.

Marissa tells Krystal that she's not going to get stuck in that mess again (with the Chandler men), but that she IS going to help Scott get out. So why was she acting like a giggly, lovestuck teenager earlier while she was on the phone with Scott?

JAR's visit to the prison simply to taunt Scott was just plain creepy.

I really liked Jake's line when he pointed out to Amanda that Annie does not have relationships, she has OBSESSIONS. Well said.

What I did NOT like was Jake broaching the subject to Amanda of having another baby, since it is an obvious reaction to having his ex-wife in town. How trite.

When Annie discovers that a bouquet of roses JAR bought are not meant for her, but Marissa, he tells her that when he gets HER flowers, it won't be an afterthought and it would be way more than just a dozen. Then he turns around and fills her room at the Yacht Club with flowers. And Annie FALLS for it, at least at first. In what way were those flowers not a calculating afterthought? Did I miss something and he had all the flowers done for Annie and Marissa was the afterthought since he was already ordering flowers? These people have the memories of fleas.

Robin "what, no Venus Fly-Trap?" Coutellier

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