Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BC - Mon, 1/3/11

NOTE: I had previously posted this as Tuesday's episode, but it's really Monday's. I'll probably keep accidentally doing that for a while. At the moment I'm only recording AMC at 7am the NEXT day, rather than recording it from the local station at noon, so the date on the recording can throw me off if I'm not paying attention.

Erica writes her letter to Mona, telling her about the last year. After telling her very little about Bianca and Kendall, she says: "But you already know about the girls, don't you? You want to know about me." If Mona already knows about the girls, why would she not already know about Erica and what she's feeling and thinking.

I was disappointed that they did not show a Mona flashback. Just one little snippet of her saying "Oh, ERica", let alone an entire scene, would have been really great for us long-term fans.

I thought for sure that Erica's meltdown with Kendall was a dream/fantasy, especially when Erica took a swig of Kendall's champagne, but apparently it was not. Way to go in protecting Kendall from any more stress. OTOH, I believe Erica is very stressed and, for the most part, covering it up and containing it very well, but it is out-of-character for her to have a meltdown like that in front of Kendall when she's already doing so much to protect her. Mother Bear needs a little yellow pill, but she can't have one. Erica has many, MANY meltdown moments, but they are usually just Erica being a selfish and/or neurotic brat. This time she was NOT being petulant, though, just worn down, so it was actually quite refreshing to see her act somewhat like a normal person who temporarily cracks and then pulls herself back together.

Once Kendall is settled in the hospital with pneumonia, Erica says she needs to call Bianca and Jack. Good idea. Here's another one: Call Alice Hart, you know, the woman who loved and RAISED Kendall from birth? No one ever tells Alice anything. I don't think Alice even knows that Kendall had a heart transpant, let alone that she was sentenced to prison, was on the run, had a baby that was born prematurely and almost died several times, or that her husband just died. Does Alice even know that Kendall has kids or was married in the first place?

Robin "does Alice know that Ian's growth is not only stunted, but in reverse?" Coutellier

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