Monday, January 31, 2011

BC - Thu, 1/27/11

While I have to give them props (so to speak) for trying to show us that Ryan and Greenlee are eating their food with gusto, I had an instant impression in my mind and for a moment I couldn't place it. Then it clicked: it reminded me of the scene in "High Anxiety" when Nurse Diesel (Cloris Leachman) and Dr. Montegue (Harvey Korman) were stuffing their faces, spilling their food and drink, and loudly slurping their tea/coffee as they discussed killing someone while the camera filmed them from under the glass coffee table, Hitchcock style.

I guess I'm getting tired, because I just had another "vision". Jake was making such a big deal about how HE was going to examine David. Given the enmity and history between them, that would never happen in real life, of course. But they want to make a point out of it, so naturally my mind went to where Jake might put his gloved fingers. Then I realized that David, who had just proclaimed that it's not in his DNA to just give up, would probably fart in Jake's face on purpose. Admittedly, that's JAKE's style, but Dr. David doesn't have much to fight back with at the moment.

JAR tells Annie that she's fired (after she tells eBabe that they are in love) because she can't stop getting personally involved in his private life. Then he says "We'll talk about this at the office." He just fired her; why would they talk about it at the office? Personally, as crazy as she is, I think she has a good case of sexual harassment for being fired because someone found out about their affair. It's not like she's been given FORMAL warnings not to butt (so to speak) into the boss's privates--er-private life.

Robin "JAR no longer has a position for her on his staff" Coutellier

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