Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BC - Fri, 1/28/11

On Friday's episode, Tad gives Jesse chocolates to give to Angie. They both promptly start eating the candy, with gusto, while they still talk. Ok, who at AMC got the sudden urge to show the cast chewing, swallowing and talking all of the sudden?

I can understand why Natalia and Brot used the hotel room the first time, but why are they using it again? Don't they both have their own places?

Okay, now I have to take AWAY props from the Props department; either the telephone handset that Greenlee is holding is WAY too big or she has a very tiny head.

OMG, I was just JOKING about where Jake was going to put his fingers -- now he's telling David that he's scheduled him for a colonoscopy (right after David says he can handle "a few jabs")

So not only does Cara have no idea how to apply eyeliner, but she's rude, too. She just goes up to Tad at Krystal's, plops herself down and starts talking, completely oblivious to the fact that Tad is sitting WITH someone (someone he's investigating for possibly stealing drugs from the hospital). Then she asks him if he's worked any good cases lately.

Fusion is seriously going to have an ad campaign glamorizing a woman carrying a GUN? What next, they create an applicator shaped like a gun? They should go to Cara to find out where she gets hers from, because I suspect she uses a bazooka for that.

Robin "will the gun shoot lipstick tubes shaped like bullets?" Coutellier

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