Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BC - Tue, 2/22/11

Colby tells Liza that Opal told her that Tad and Marian slept together when Liza was back in college.  I'm not positive, but I think they were still in HIGH school or at least not in college yet.  I could be wrong, though.

I don't really have anything to say about the rest of it.  It's not like we didn't see Colby's big revelation coming that Liza slept with Damon. 

Blasts From The Past: 
I've decided to move my old Boogie Chillens and extremely detailed Friday Updates from my mostly inactive personal website to a blog on Google (  I had started putting them on the web starting August 25, 2000.  There are lots of long-gone characters in them, including Leo and Vanessa; they had some of the BEST lines!

Here's one from 9/6/00 that made me LOL as I was skimming over it.  For you newer viewers, Leo was played by Josh Duhamel and Vanessa (Leo's mother) was played (with great relish and campiness) by Marj Dusay.

Leo to Vanessa after seeing her hand over a rare (presumably Faberge) jeweled egg to run a tab at the bar (like the bartender would know it's value - as far as HE knows she bought it for $1.59 at McFrugals): "Vanessa, did you STEAL that?" Vanessa: "No, Leo, of course, I LAID it." ROTFLMAOPIMP!!!

From 9/5/00: 
I cracked up after Arlene locked Stuart in the attic and he said: "I'll wait here!"

Robin "I really miss Stuart (and Arlene, for that matter)" Coutellier

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