Sunday, February 6, 2011

BC - Fri, 2/4/11

I really like the blouse Colby was wearing as she stupidly taunted Annie after telling her that she recorded Annie's confession (such as it was) about assaulting eBabe and stealing her stuff. Here's an idea: record a conversation and then take it to whomever you plan to take it to, WITHOUT cluing in the perp about it before anything can be done. Not that the recording would likely hold up in a court of law, since it was not legally sanctioned, but at least others might hear it and know that Annie DID do it.

The three main doctors at PVH all abandoned their posts to go out in an ambulance looking for Kendall. So who's running the hospital? Maybe Dr. Kravitz and Dr. Bender are holding the fort.

OT/TAN: My latest commercial annoyance: the Amazon Kindle commercial where a man in the sun is trying in vain to read a book on his ebook reader, but there's too much glare. He asks the woman next to him, who is engrossed in whatever she is reading on HER ebook reader, how she's doing it. She smugly says that it's a Kindle and it's only $139. Even more smugly, she remarks that she paid more than that for her sunglasses. Must be nice to have money to toss out on such expensive sunglasses, let alone an ebook reader. It might have been tolerable if she simply stated that the price was $139 and left it at that, but the sunglasses part makes me want to SLAP her. The gist of the commercial that really stood out to me, though, is that while they show the screen of the man's ineffective ebook reader in the sunlight, they do NOT show the screen of the Kindle in the sunlight. So how do we know how much better it is in the sunlight it is than the man's, other than going by the smugness of the bitch with the expensive sunglasses?

Robin "talk about a glaring omission" Coutellier

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