Thursday, February 10, 2011

BC - Tue, 2/8/11

Kendall's mighty energetic considering she just had a stent inserted into her aorta (under a local anesthetic, at that) in a wrecked ambulance.

They put an oxygen mask on Kendall (once she stopped fighting it). Wouldn't that have been helpful when Dr. Hunky was operating on her?

Kendall is STILL in the wrecked (and not particularly sterile) ambulance, yet Jack and Bianca both leave for unimportant things (Jack to get food at Krystal's and Bianca to go home and reassure the boys that Kendall is okay). Hello? Kendall just had her AORTA operated on in iffy circumstances after a rollover crash! You'd think they would want to hang around to make sure she's REALLY okay now.

Why is Cara's butterfly bandage only near one edge of her wound, and why isn't it actually holding the wound together? If anything, it's holding the skin APART.

OT/TAN: Well, I have to save I was moved by a commercial. It was about "intense feminine itch". The voiceover sounds very understanding as it assures the woman that it KNOWS that's the LAST place you want your itch cream to fail (which oddly implies that there ARE circumstances during which you WOULD want your itch cream to fail) . The poor woman who is being bedeviled by intense feminine itching is a bride being prepped for the ceremony, and she looks very apprehensive and worried.

After some product info from the voiceover, the bride subsequently looks very happy, itch-free and confident as she and her new husband descend the stairs while people toss flower petals at them. Obviously she took the voiceover's advice and used Vagisil for her intense feminine itching. That's all well and good, but the poor woman still has something of a feminine problem on her HONEYMOON, doesn't she? I feel bad for her. I hope the newlyweds plan to use protection until she can see a doctor, because whatever is causing it in the first place might be communicable.

Robin "did she have pre-wedding jitters or pre-wedding jitterBUGS?" Coutellier

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