Friday, February 18, 2011

BC - Wed, 2/16/11

As much as it pains me to say it, I have to agree with Ryan -- JAR should have thought about Emma and told Ryan that Annie was going off the rails.

Looks like Bianca has been taking makeup lessons from Cara. Ugh! Watch the scene in the hospital when Bianca is telling Kendall about how bad she feels about Reese not getting on the plane. Alicia Minshew has not gone for that raccooon look (she's back to her regular makeup), and she looks gorgeous. Bianca is pretty, but she, too, looked like black warpaint had been applied to her eyelids.

OT/TAN: I saw an anchorwoman yesterday and she looked VERY odd. She was blond and pale (nothing wrong with that). She had so much foundation on, though, that she looked as if her face had been completely sanded down and then the eyes were painted back on, very thick and very black. Lipstick defined her mouth, so at least I could see when it was moving. All I could think of as I watched her was a) her face had been erased (it was hard just to get past THAT part), and b) she looked like a pale beige sock puppet. I realize this is the makeup trend now, but IMO it looks ridiculous and it looked particularly ridiculous on her.

Robin "it was like watching a Twilight Zone episode" Coutellier

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