Monday, February 28, 2011

BC - Fri, 2/25/11

I see that Madison now has a noticeable baby-lump.

Did Scott really sign up for the sleep study?  He subsequently told Madison that he's the guy who tallies up the results.  There's just a slight conflict-of-interest when the subject of the study (who is getting PAID to be in the study) is also the person who compiles the results of the same study. 

JAR tells Ryan that "the jet's fueled and ready to go".  Anyone else having flashbacks to Dimitri?  He used to say that quite often -- it's right up there with "beefing up security" :-)  Of course, when the people in PV talk about beefing up security they don't tell us that what they MEANT was that the security guards will have to feed the cows.

I googled "amc dimitri jet fueled ready" (in google groups), just to reinforce my memory, and the first post I saw was from Patti O'Roarke on 7/11/99.  She was "FAC Dimitri's Jet (Fueled and Ready to Take Off at a Moment's Notice)".  THAT'S how often he said words to that effect :-)  FYI, "FAC" means Favorite AMC Character, and several ratsters claimed ownership of various characters that were not necessarily people, and we spoke on their behalf on occasion.  Patti's post stated:  " I don't want to crash, it's demeaning and likely to give me a bad reputation. No, I think I'll just make a very steep turn over the Atlantic with my emergency doors open. And then I'll spend the rest of my days sipping Mai Tais in a hanger on a tropical beach somewhere while scantily dressed island men wax me all over. My engines are getting all shivery just *thinking* about it! We miss you, Patti!

Auntie Greenlee volunteers to tuck Spike and Ian into bed for a nap.  The boys cheer!  Most kids do NOT want to take a nap.  What does Auntie Greenlee do during the tuck-in process that's so special that they would actually cheer?  She carries Ian and herds Spike out of the room.  She returns to the living room approximately 35 seconds later.  I'm guessing the something special is that she throws them into their beds from the doorway.

Robin "she's a veritable Madonna, that one" Coutellier

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