Sunday, February 6, 2011

BC - Mon, 1/31/11

OMG, Annie put a sharp, knife-like letter opener into her purse! Do you know what this MEANS? It will tear a hole in the purse lining!

I guess Ryan didn't learn anything from the time he and a couple of others pretended to hang Richie and it almost happened for real.

Kendall and Greeenlee have a day of beauty treatment ... in the Fusion main office area. GMAFB! I know for a fact that they have a lounging area; the viewers SAW it -- it's the one with a stripper pole.

So Ryan arranged to have the entire security camera system crash just before he brought David up to the roof and they had to reboot the whole system, so David doesn't have to worry about proving Ryan took him there. Wow, I guess that would have been a good time to steal a baby or drugs, or perhaps murder someone. Too bad video evidence of anything ELSE that might have happened why Ryan took David to the roof is now lost forever.

If Krystal was really concerned that Annie might go after eBabe, why didn't she just CALL her instead of rushing over to the Chandler home? Even way back before the time of cell phones we knew about them new-fangled thingamajigs called TELEPHONES. And we complained then because all the characters in town would go over to someone's house to tell them urgent news or give dire warnings for their safety instead of just calling them.

What shrink from a loony bin just drops in unannounced on a former patient (who is staying at a hotel, not her former place of residence that would be listed in their records) at the urging of someone else, especially without any backup? Then he gets back to that other person and says that, from what he saw, he IS concerned. Talk about HIPAA violations!

All things considered, shouldn't Jesse at least wheel David INSIDE the building, given that it's, you know, JANUARY, in PENNSYLVANIA, during HISTORICALLY bad weather and David is wearing nothing but two thin hospital gowns and a lap robe? The mean temperature in Philadelphia on 1/31/11 was 24 degrees.

Robin "just sayin'" Coutellier

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