Monday, February 21, 2011

BC - Fri, 2/18/11

After finding out how much danger Cara is in and why she cannot go anywhere near Mexico or even back to Doctors Without Borders, Tad tells Jake about it and says they have a duty to warn her. Jake tells Tad not to tell Cara about it because HE should be the one to do it. Why?

If Cara left Jake in the first place in order to protect him, then why isn't Griffin worried about his own safety now? More to the point, Why isn't Griffin worried about his own mother (he just mentioned her in passing)?

When did Amanda and Jake move into a house? I thought they lived in an apartment.

Bianca says she doesn't think there will be any problems with the divorce or custody issues -- they just need a friend to help them handle the divorce. How civilized. Bianca doesn't expect any problems as far as custody of Gabrielle goes since Gabrielle has been with her all this time. eBabe tells her to be prepared because things can change once Reese is faced with permanently losing her rights to Gabrielle. WTF? Why would Reese lose her parental rights? Didn't she adopt Gabrielle once they got married (Gabrielle was born in 2008 and they were married in 2009)? I don't think she adopted Miranda.

Robin "now that you know Ricky is a bad guy, would you buy insurance from him?" Coutellier

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