Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BC - Mon, 2/14/11

I noticed the little actress playing Emma was having trouble holding her smile during the wedding (I think she was getting fatigued at having to hold the same expression -- that's hard for anyone to do -- it's not natural to hold a fixed smile for very long). She recovered quickly. What was funny to me was that I was already in the process of trying to come up with some appropriate lines for her when she did it. You know, something like "Oh PUH-LEEZE! My parents NEVER stay married to anyone, so why pretend this is going to last more than a few months?"

Greenlee and Ryan are finally married! Yaaaaay! Let the countdown to them splitting up again COMMENCE!

Here's something I don't understand. If Greenlee and Ryan wanted a small, intimate ceremony with only the children and Jack (with room for Erica) there, why did they have the ceremony on the ConFusion patio? There are so many other options. For instance, the penthouse terrace (although that IS where David was shot and where Ryan has had sex with countless other women). Or Ryan's living room (where he has had sex with countless other women). Or the fugly Fusion office. For that matter, why was it on the patio at all, given that it's the dead of winter? I'm sure there were torches or other heaters there, but it IS Pennsylvania, after all.
Will JAR light a match to see better in the attic? We haven't had a good explosion for a while.

Every time I see Spike with his spiky hair, I think of Baby Zoolander (aka Derek Jr) and his first "look". Rather than give a link to any particular site, if you want to see what I'm talking about, go to and search for "zoolander magnum" (without the quotes). Better yet, watch the movie -- it's hysterical!

Speaking of Spike, did you catch him tossing something around while Ryan was holding him after the reception? I'm not sure what it was, but it was small and white.

Hah! Annie's so crazy now that even Emma looks a little freaked out when Annie shows up and beckons her to come with her.

Robin "Mommy, you're crazy again - did you take your meds today?" Coutellier

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