Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BC - Tue, 2/15/11

Uh, if there's a gas leak in the attic, JAR should considering (upon rescuing her) moving both eBabe and himself a little further from the attic than 2.5'. It's not like the air is going to be much fresher there, especially since the door to the attic is still open.

Greenlee sends Emma through the Fusion bar (admittedly empty) out to the patio to get her makeup bag. When Emma doesn't return, Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma is probably just playing with her makeup. Oh yeah, Greenlee's going to make a GREAT step-mommy.

Did Colby bring a change of clothes to the beach house? I only ask because she's not wearing the same clothes as when she was handcuffed to the table. Of course, after being handcuffed to the table for all that time, I can certainly understand why she might NEED to change her clothes.

Now JAR and eBabe are down in the living room and JAR calls someone to tell them to shut off all gas lines to the attic. Uh, why are they still in the house? If they managed to move all the way to the ground-floor living room from the aforementioned 2.5' from the attic door, what was a few more feet to the outside? Idiots. Did they bother to notify Lucretia before she lights the stove?

O.M.G! I paused the Tivo long enough to type the paragraph about them needing to go outside considering, you, a GAS LEAK, and when I press Play again, JAR is pacing in front of the LIT FIREPLACE!!! These people really ARE too stupid to live!

How did Krystal manage to whip up a wedding cake on such short notice. I'm thinking she went to Costco or Sam's club.

WTF did Colby insist that she and Asher play strip poker (other than to show them in states of undress)? That came out of left field. Oh ... that's why (she escaped -- Asher was keeping her from interfering with JAR and Annie).

Shouldn't Colby's arm be not only checked out, but photographed at the hospital as evidence that Annie handcuffed her to the table? I suppose that could be done at the PVPD, but Liza should have insisted on it from both aspects, as a mother and a DA. Of course, the beach house is now a crime scene. They'll have some 'splainin' to do as to why Asher kept her there after freeing her from the cuffs.

I hope Annie gets pulled over for not having Emma strapped in.

I have to say I'm surprised David allowed Annie to go. What did he do, give her his car? I hope he has an ulterior motive, such as arranging for her to be caught. Did he send her to his little cabin in the woods? If so, the cabin that tiptoed down from Mt. Evangeline into the middle of town must have tiptoed back up the mountain. He could see that Annie was unspooling and that even Emma could tell something was very wrong. As evil as he is, he doesn't strike me as someone who would deliberately endanger a child, yet it appears that he was complicit in doing just that, just to get back at Greenlee and Ryan.

Robin "he MUST have a plan" Coutellier

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birdie said...

I thought for a split second that the newly 'reformed' David was going to take Emma back to the wedding, but then...a leopard cannot change its spots.