Saturday, February 26, 2011

BC - Wed, 2/23/11

When I saw Erica coyly covering Jack's eyes in Krystal's and then their discussion of possibly breaking up and Jack's assertion that SHE was the one who plays games, not him, I couldn't help but think of a post I had put into the archive I previously mentioned.  On 3/1/00 (before I started putting them on the web, but I had a text file so I included it) I said the following (note that the Spike we know today didn't exist yet, so I was just adding some flavor):

"Jackson: "Why Erica Kane, this is unexpected to find yourself in a COMMON joint like this [BJs]!" [FAC BJs on] "HEY! Watch it, Spike!" [FAC BJs off] After some banter wherein Jack slyly lets Erica know he knows she didn't just accidentally happen to walk into BJs and see him, but specifically sought him out, KNOWING he eats breakfast there on a regular basis, he asks her why she wanted to talk to HIM. "Because," she says modestly batting her eyes, "not so long ago ... you were in love with me." "Well, yes," says Jack, "but, much like chicken pox, I got over it, albeit with a few lingering scars." Okay, he didn't say that, but you KNOW he was thinking it!"
Things don't change much in 11 years.  Even the restaurant is the same, just with a name change.

I was surprised that one of Krystal's objections about the girls and the marriage was that they didn't even know Cara.  How about the fact that Tad could possibly be drawing attention by the bad guys to the girls and the rest of his family by marrying Cara?

Robin "I'm sure Ruth & Joe will welcome their 15th (or thereabouts) daughter-in-law with open arms" Coutellier

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