Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BC - Mon, 2/7/11

She's normally very pale, anyway, but they did a good job of making Kendall look super-pale.

Why didn't anyone look for the other vehicle (you know, the one Annie was in).

Where do the lights on top of emergency vehicles get their power? I ask because they are making multiple points of the fact that there is no juice going anywhere in the ambulance and they can't turn things on. But the lights on top of the ambulance were still flashing after they crashed. The EMT and firefighter lights were on later, but theirs was still on, too. And how did the inside of the ambulance get so well lit before help got there?

Wouldn't the strobelight effect of the other emergency vehicles be distracting to someone trying to operate on an aorta in the back of a wrecked ambulance?

Why is Colby pulling on the handcuff to drag the table closer to the coffee table so she can get to the phone? That's putting all the strain on her wrist. I know she's not particularly bright, but even SHE should be able to figure out that it would work better to pull by her hand on the center pole. It reminds me of the Gary Larson comic where a kid trying to get into the School For Gifted Children is pushing as hard as he can on the door, which is clearly labeled "Pull" (or vice-versa).

Don't they have masks in the ambulance (there should be some in the other emergency vehicles)?

Robin "are they going to go in again & double-check the field work?" Coutellier

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