Saturday, February 26, 2011

BC - Thu, 2/24/11

Cara and Tad are in the middle of explaining to Liza that they just fell in love and have been engaged for a while now.  Then Cara is paged.  She looks at her phone and exclaims that "It's the hospital!"  She seems genuinely surprised that a hospital, of all places, would be paging HER.  You know, the DOCTOR who happens to work there.

Sounds like Cameron Mathison is sick.

Are the ultra-white top front teeth of Reverand Ricky's lady friend fused together?  They look like one really wide tooth.

I think I liked Susan Lucci's stint on Hot In Cleveland much better than Wendy Malik's stint on AMC. 

Robin "maybe because I was expecting it" Coutellier

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