Sunday, February 6, 2011

BC - Tue-Wed, 2/1-2/11

If David is so weak, why is he standing in his cell? He said he was sedated, which made him weak, but he wasn't standing up before now anyway, for MONTHS (that we know of).

Why would the South Philly police dept hire Natalia without any references?

Soooo, I guess Natalia won't be around much anymore, if at all. At least she finally got laid first.

I thought Scott was broke and could only afford hot dogs from a stand in the park. Now he's going to go downstairs to Fusion to get some mac and cheese for Madison's cravings. Something tells me that ConFusion is NOT cheap -- it probably costs $8 for a cup of coffee. Scott did say it was Happy Hour and they had free food, but it seems unlikely that mac and cheese would be part of that free food.

At Confusion, the guys toast to Ryan before he takes "the big plunge" into married life ... again. It occurred to me that of the four guys, Tad, Jake, Ryan and Frankie, only Frankie has had only one marriage (that we know of). Considering that they have about 14-15 marriages between them ALREADY, somehow, the phrase "taking the plunge" seems like overkill in that particular circle of friends (except for Frankie). One of the ex-wives, Gillian, was married to both Ryan and Jake. Then Scott joins in. He's been married to Annie, one of Ryan's ex's. Jake has also had sex with Greenlee. "Stepping into" might be a more appropriate term than "taking the plunge". In fact, "stepping into" might be more appropriate on a number of levels.

Looks like Scott and Frankie were just passers-by to the core of Ryan, Tad and Jake. I was wondering why Frankie was there "toasting", considering his obvious anger and disgust with Ryan because of his treatment of Madison.

I'll say it again -- for someone who's been in a coma for several months and could barely stay sitting up mere hours before, David is quite energetic and strong.

I was expecting Scott to take Madison to yet another room at the Yacht Club, despite his dire financial straits, so I was pleasantly surprised when he took her to his messy, furnished room.

For someone who just wants to "heal and rest and spend time with my kids", Kendall sure has foisted them off on other people a LOT. As usual, during a life and death situation, Kendall chooses to be stupid, obstinate and heedless of consequences. And now she's either going to have surgery and/or die and, at the very least, be in the hospital for a while or the afterlife for good. How many times have her children been without their mother for extended periods of time? She's always either in the hospital, in jail, on the lam, at work or running around butting into other people's business.

Robin "and STILL looking mighty perky, all things considered" Coutellier

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