Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BC - Mon, 2/21/11

Cara disappeared for a long time after she and Jake split.  Had a baby, did she?  Oh, cancer.  Or is she making THAT part up (about it coming back, not about having it in the first place)?  You never know with her.  She DOES have a history of making things up when it comes to her names, whereabouts and reasons for moving around, after all.

It is absolutely LUDICROUS that Jake was allowed to sit in on the interrogation of Cara!  And all he could do is call them names and belittle them, despite Tad's warning to him not to antagonize them.  I wouldn't be surprised if they had grounds to charge HIM with something.  He's been to many of the same places as Cara, after all, and he voluntarily inserted himself in the war in Chechnya.

Will the people filing a complaint about Cara for the way she acted over their cancer-survivor daughter throw a wrench into efforts to keep her in Pine Valley?

David tells Annie (at least he THOUGHT it was Annie) that he told her to go straight to his cabin.  HA!  I KNEW it!

Tad bursts into the room where agents are interrogating Cara (nice security) and orders them to take their hands off of his fiance (they are handcuffing her).  It was hinted on RATSA yesterday that Tad would use the old married-to-a-US-citizen gambit, and it looks like it's true.

Robin "is it my imagination or is Cara using slightly less makeup today?" Coutellier

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