Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ryan and Greenlee talk on the phone, giddy because it's their wedding day. I'm not even a minute into the show and I'm already feeling like I might hurl.

Scott chides Madison for working in the Fusion office while Ryan and Greenlee are going to be married down at ConFusion that same day. Let's see, when is Valentine's Day? Oh yeah, 2/14. What day of the week is that in 2011? Monday. You know, a WORKday.

Emma's becoming quite the pro at being a flower girl. How many of her parents' weddings has she attended? Let's see, there was Ryan and Annie (almost), Ryan and Greenlee, Annie and Adam, Annie and Scott and now Ryan and Greenlee AGAIN. How many mother figures has she had? Greenlee, Kendall, Erica, Madison, and now Greenlee again. And I'm probably leaving someone out on one or both sides.

Caleb really shouldn't stand next to Erica while he's in profile and wearing a coat.

Robin "it looks like she's standing next to a bear" Coutellier

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