Monday, March 7, 2011

BC - Tue, 3/1/11

Can it be?  Is Opal actually going to have an actual STORYLINE?  Oh PLEASE let it be so!

Who "accidentally" posts a video?  No one.

Do you think the story of Cara the little boy in the hospital giving her his pudding when she was a child was a nod to the actor who played Scott as a child?  Actually not her story, so much as Tad's reaction (That dog ... oldest trick in the book!"  The child Scott was played by Philip Amelio, who also happened to be in pudding snacks commercials sharing his pudding with little girls while "Let's Get It On" played in the background

Damn, I knew it was too good to be true to give Opal a storyline.  It's just an excuse to let Caleb know Erica was planning to quit.

Jack tells Erica he doesn't know if he can trust her anymore.  Really?  He's known her since the early 1980s and he's only just NOW coming to that conclusion?  Again?

That itty-bitty digital camera Tad had just looked so cute mounted on a tripod!  Cameras have come a LOONNG way in the last 150 or so years, haven't they?  If this photo op had been staged way back when 1) there would have to be a person behind it, not a timer, and 2) the camera would have been considerably bigger if only to accommodate the glass plates that were used as negatives.  As it was, when Tad's tiny camera was used, it looked like a shrunken head on top of that tripod.

Robin "say CHEESE!" Coutellier

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