Thursday, March 17, 2011

BC: Thu-Fri, 3/10-11/11

So, is Madison going to lose the baby or have other complications because of toxic Fusion products?  They certainly seem to be telegraphing that possibility.

Someone should point out to Madison that heartburn happens a lot higher up than one's uterus.  If you're feeling it there, it's on it's way DOWN, not UP.

A medical worker at the hospital ascertains that a patient had checked out, but flowers/a plant was delivered to him.  She suggests that someone else might need cheering up.  Here's an idea:  Call the patient's number and find out if they want it.  Or call the florist's number and ask them to redeliver it or have them ask what the sender would like to do.  If someone spent enough time and money to send something like that to a patient, it should not be up to the hospital to decide to give them to someone else.

I can't believe they STILL have that Fusion poster up of Randi holding a GUN.  That will go well with their toxic products. 

I have to reiterate that I HATE that black, black, black makeup on Amanda.  It's one thing to have it on Cara (which is bad enough), but we aren't really invested in her as a character yet.  We ARE invested in Amanda, though.  I think it makes her look much older and downright harsh.  She is so beautiful that it's a travesty to not only HIDE her beauty, but deface it, as if they used crude graffiti on her.

Robin "trust me, Amanda, you do NOT want to look any older than you are" Coutellier

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