Monday, March 21, 2011

BC - Thu-Fri, 3/17-18/11

So Annie came back to PV to ... what?  Panhandle in a park where everyone knows who she is?

Annie tells Greenlee "I would NEVER leave my daughter alone!"  How about that time she kidnapped her and locked her alone in an abandoned church which Emma then accidentally set on fire?  For that matter, she just told Emma (I think, it's hard to say what Annie's reality is at any given moment now) to go take a shower while she went to find them some food.  I can see where, being on the run, she might go downstairs and leave Emma in the room, but telling her to TAKE A SHOWER while she left the room?  Of course, anything Annie says or does about her intent at the moment is kind of a moot point since she appears to be schizophrenic. 

David and Griffin are standing in front of an assignment board.  In the center of the list of procedures that are being done, is Meniscectomy.  When I first glanced at it, though, I thought it said Meaniesectomy.  That made me wonder why David was standing there and not being prepped for his Meaniesectomy [BRRRRRUMPT-TING!]  (P.S.  Meniscectomy is knee surgery.)

While David and Griffin were standing there, there came the LOD.  David stated his opinion that, despite Griffin's plans, Griffin was now in PV for the long haul.  Griffin begged to differ.  Daivd:  "Are you kidding me?  Your sister just married a MARTIN.  If this place were a chocolate factory, they'd be the Oompa-Loompas." 

Why do we see women in PV going bonkers on a fairly regular basis, usually due to their feelings about one man or another, but we rarely see the same thing in the guys?  I think the last time we saw that was when Aidan kidnapped Kendall.  Oh we see guys get obsessed with the women in PV all the time, but we almost never see them dragged off to Oakhaven because of it.  They get amnesia sometimes after being bonked on the head, shot or otherwise physically damaged, but the women usually only get amnesia from mental trauma.  To be fair, Ryan did get a combination of the two when a bullet grazed his head and he subsequently (but not right away) forgot who Annie was, despite the fact that they were married and slept in the same bed (he forgot who Emma was, too).

Robin "women in PV FAINT from physical trauma, but only go bonkers over men or the loss of a child" Coutellier

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