Monday, March 7, 2011

BC - Thu, 3/3/11

I'm pretty sure Zach DID use the word "Sweetheart", and more than once.  I'm pretty sure he used that term with Greenlee, albeit in a "bestie" kind of way.  I could be wrong, but really, they should have chosen a different word.  Tad, of course, uses that endearment a LOT.  Personally, the term "Darling" usually clangs for me, so something like that might have fit better as clanging for Kendall, or eve "Dear". Only one person has ever gotten away with using that with me and even then he was from Alabama and called me "Darlin'".  It seemed natural coming from him.  Other than that exception, whenever I hear the endearment of "darling", I always think of how overused it was in movies from the 1930s when most actresses tried to sound like they were upper-class.  Those affectations  seemed fake to me even when I was a child.

Did Madison find a new (and cheaper) OB/GYN or is she planning to continue to see the out-of-network one at astronomical rates?

Why does Emma keep calling Madison?  Does Madison have a cell phone number that's really easy for a child to memorize?  You'd think Emma would call RYAN.  I can understand how she might be confused about needing to memorize so many numbers, though (it's not like Annie's going to program speed dial on all the disposable phones, after all).  Poor Emma has had to memorize SOOOOO many numbers for the veritable tsunami of parental figures in her life.  She'd need a fat, small-print phone directory deposited on her doorstep once a year just for THEM.  

Why is there a picture of Jake on the mantelpiece, but no other family members, even though it's TAD AND KRYSTAL'S house?  I suppose I could fanwank it that since Amanda and Jake are living there temporarily, Amanda put it there, but that doesn't explain the lack of photos of the rest of household (like the CHILDREN, for instance).  Besides, wouldn't Amanda put TREVOR'S photo up?  Nah, I can't even fanwank it. The first thing I thought of when Cara went over to it was an episode of "King Of The Hill".  They showed the mantelpiece at Nancy and Dale's house.  There are photos of Nancy, Dale, Joseph and JOHN REDCORN (complete with long flowing hair wafting in the breeze) on the ends.    The long-running joke on the show is that John Redcorn, an extremely hunky Native American man, is the father of Dale and Nancy's son, Joseph; Joseph looks JUST like John Redcorn, and JR and Nancy had been having an affair for about 14 years. 

Robin "not that Jake looks anything like the luscious John Redcorn" Coutellier

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