Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BC - Mon, 3/21/11

Why is Amanda having an orientation meeting with JAR in a BAR?  Shouldn't they be at Chandler Enterprises where there's stuff that, oh, I don't know, has to do with WORK?  Amanda could just as easily grab his drink (of sparkling water) out of his hand and tossed it in a plant in his office, although it would be harder for Jake to come by and snark at them.  AMC probably left the Chandler Enterprises set back in New York.

Why does everyone think Kendall is all dressed up?  If anything, she looks LESS dressed up than she usually does.  It must be the "little black dress" factor.

TAN:  I just saw a spice commercial where various people proudly hold up their creations.  A woman holds up a big, shallow bowl with pasta and various other things in it.  It all stays put, despite her tilting it toward the camera.  I might have let that go if it weren't for the lady at the end of the commercial who holds up a huge bowl of salad.  She tilts it almost entirely vertical and not a single thing in the bowl so much as trembles, let alone falls onto the floor.  I call BOGUS!  Of course, I suppose the spicemaker never said anything about WHAT you choose to put your spices in/on.  For all I know she was really into putting spice on fake food that's shellacked into a bowl.  Oh wait -- the cherry tomato she added at the end DID roll slightly

Robin "ACCCKKK!  The tomato moved!  Where's my can of shellac???" Coutellier

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