Monday, March 14, 2011

BC: Wed, 3/9/11

I know the INS agents were watching Tad and Cara, but leaving the curtains up?  In a HOTEL room?  On their HONEYMOON?  Don't buy it for a second and neither should the agents.

Speaking of the agents, I agree that it's ludicrous that the INS is putting this many people and hours into their case against Cara.  Unless they think she's a terrorist (I could buy THAT, given her fake names and extensive travel) or a murder suspect they'd have much better success hanging out in places illegal aliens are known to frequent if they are trying to make some sort of monthly quota on deportations.

SEMI-TAN/OT:  I have to thank AMC for being a port in a storm for me, yet again.  After watching hours and hours of coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, checking websites, facebook, tweets for information, it was nice to escape to Pine Valley and its silly problems for a while.  My son and daughter-in-law (who live about 30 miles northeast of Tokyo) are fine.  I finally starting to relax a little ...

Robin "and then I found out a 2nd nuclear reactor building exploded" Coutellier

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