Sunday, March 27, 2011

BC - Wed, 3/23/11

Bianca is an heiress and a business mogul in her own right.  She has big bucks and two small children.  Reese wants to take the children away (and possibly a lot of her money).  So what does Bianca do?  She hires a newly minted lawyer.  I don't think eBabe even has an office.  Her license probably hasn't even arrived in the mail yet.  She has NO experience whatsoever in divorce cases other than her own (where she just got fooled).  Hiring eBabe is a pretty stupid move for such a smart woman.

Why is Caleb even in Pine Valley?  He's a non-player.  All he does is stand around and brood and Michael Nouri is just phoning his lines in.

Erica and Jack have set a wedding date:  May 14, 2011 (a Saturday).  We'll see.

Did I miss an episode?  Nope, I see I did a Boogie Chillen for Tuesday.  All this stuff with Griff going to the casino and trying to force himself into Diana's office and consequently being beaten up seems to have happened off-camera.  I even went so far as to fish Monday and Tuesday's episodes out of the Tivo recycle bin to double-check.  The last we saw of Griffin he was about to escort Kendall to her car after it was verified that the fund-raising event had been canceled.

Wow, that was a loud snowball.  What are those snowballs made of, rocks?

What grounds would Reese have for getting sole custody of either ONE of the girls?  How heinous, irresponsible and unfit is Bianca as a mother that Reese would be able to do that?  And has Reese become a French citizen?  They have as much as said that the lawyers for Reese will try to get the girls back to France and the French courts will then give sole custody to Reese.  I'm under the impression that they are ALL American citizens, so why would the French courts favor Reese who, as it has been pointed out numerous times, has not even made the slightest effort to see the girls in a very long time.  Where has she been, prison?  If not, there isn't any valid reason for her not to have done so.

Here's a thought:  Reese may become engaged to a man so she can renounce being a lesbian and marry him (or at least SAY that's the case) in order to get custody.  Then she can attack Bianca as being unfit for still being a lesbian.  Of course, if push comes to shove, Bianca could do the same thing.  It wouldn't be believable for either one of them to hook up with a man, considering they are well-established as lesbians, but believability has never stopped the writers at AMC, and it would be a storyline they haven't done on AMC yet.  Reese might have a slight edge in that she at least TRIED to be heterosexual before she met Bianca, but Bianca has never been anything but gay, having only had one dismal date in high school to try to fit in.

Caleb tells eBabe that he doesn't really want to run Cortlandt Electronics without Erica.  Good.  Leave.

If Kendall didn't know Griff was in the hospital room with Cara and Tad, why did Kendall so boldly stride into it as it if were her destination?  She seemed utterly surprised to see him there.  She had to know Cara had just walked in, yet she didn't even glance at Cara as she strode in, making me think Cara was not the reason for her intrusion. 

Robin "but then, Kendall reasons rarely make sense" Coutellier

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