Monday, March 21, 2011

BC - Wed, 3/16/11

Do Kendall's kids ever play outside at their own house?  It IS a big place with lots of grounds and even a pond, after all.  Do Bianca's kids ever play outside at Wildwind, which has about 20 miles of land on it?  I know Miranda sometimes rides a horse.

Why is Miranda the only child wearing a hat outside when it's cold enough for snow to be piled up all over the place?

Given there is snow piled up all over the place, why is Kendall (amazingly enough) the only one wearing sturdy shoes (boots, I think); Bianca and eBabe are wearing pretty flimsy shoes.  To be fair, though, I think eBabe joined them on the spur of the moment.  Still, she was walking through the park dressed like that.  I'm a California native, so I don't know what it's like to play or just walk around outside when there's snow all over the ground, so maybe that's normal back East.  All I know is that my feet and ears would be so cold that they would feel crunchy.

The actresses playing Bianca and eBabe look WAY too much alike.  I'm constantly having to re-orient myself when they are in the same scene.  The first eBabe might have been annoying sometimes, but at least I always knew who she was the moment I saw her.

I'm glad to see that Amanda toned down her makeup to at least only halfway black.

Dr. Joe, who is only visiting, is going to the board meeting and is going to recommend that Cara be hired on a full-time basis.  I see that the Martin talent for nepotism is still well-entrenched.

Robin "Trevor will be on-staff before you know it" Coutellier

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